The Whole World is One Intl Family

Intl Family ( is our shared world family. All human beings are part of our great Intl Family. No matter we are wearing different skins, speaking different languages, believing in diverse religions, and belonging to diverse cultures – yet we are all the citizens of the earth. We were born on the same planet, share the same homeland- the earth. We covered by the same skies, gazing at the same stars, and all beings breathing the same air. Everything is connected as a natural ecosystem. Therefore, the world is one big family! Eastern culture is extensive and profound, and Western culture is scientific and systematic. We should learn from each other and pursue win-win cooperation. It is better to work together for good than for working alone. Now comes to join the biggest family in the world! You also have the opportunity to become our Intl Family member, student, volunteer, ambassador, angel, partner, or host! History of Intl Family is written by all of us! We are one family under God! For social morality and justice conscience of heaven and earth, for saving more people's lives, for keeping the vanishing wisdom of the ancient sages, for the lasting peace. Let us ensure that the world more wholesome, peaceful, safe, and happy as one Intl Family.

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